What is better than LinkTree?

Welcome to the Kasu Creator's Blog. This week, we'll again give a gentle introduction to what LinkTree as a service is and then talk about some competitors that are either better than LinkTree or an alternative to LinkTree. Read on for more...

What is better than LinkTree?

As a regular reader of this blog, we're sure you're all aware of what LinkTree is by now. We've covered LinkTree in countless articles before this, so be sure to check them out.

In this article, we'll again give a gentle introduction to what LinkTree is and then talk about some services that are either better than LinkTree or an alternative to LinkTree. Read on for more...

What is LinkTree?

Linktree is a freemium web-based media reference presentation page created by Alex Zaccaria, Anthony Zaccaria, and Nick Humphreys, settled in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2016, it is made to give a point of arrival to an individual or organization's whole related connections in web-based media, which once in a while permits connecting various sites. The webpage was roused by the designers' irritation with online media, in which it can't permit numerous hyperlinks. It is expressed to have in excess of 5 million clients around the world.

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Linktree was set up in 2016, out of irritation in regards to online media not permitting different hyperlinks in profiles. The webpage was made in six hours. It is accounted for to have 3,000 clients short-term, which made the worker crash due to overload. In 2018, Instagram prohibited the site because of "spam," in spite of the fact that it was lifted and Instagram gave an apology. Despite it, Linktree has acquired than 8 million users and continues to grow very strongly.

What are the benefits of using a link management tool?

Connection in-profile instruments are a fundamental Instagram advertising device for any brand or influencer and offer some genuine advantages:

  • Cross-stage advancement—you can utilize the apparatus to cross-elevate by connecting out to your other social pages.
  • Increased CTR (active clicking factor)— giving your Instagram crowd more snap decisions improves the probability that they'll really navigate, in this way boosting your CTR, perhaps the main Instagram measurements.
  • More focused on—having more connects to browse implies you can complete more focused on Instagram crusades with various connections focused at various purchaser personas.
  • Better insight — you can embed insight for brand pictures on your greeting page for better marking and visual personality.

What platforms are better than LinkTree?

  • ContactInBio

ContactInBio is ostensibly the second most well known connection in-profile apparatus after Linktree. As I would see it, it's likewise the best Linktree elective out there. The two devices are in reality fundamentally the same as regarding the essential greeting page plan, however ContactInBio has some additional items that take it to the following level.

The first is the alternative to add a contact structure to the greeting page. This is a truly pleasant finish that opens up a correspondence channel among you and your crowd. ContactInBio is the solitary apparatus that has this component.

The lone drawback is that the contact structure sends messages to your ContactInBio inbox; it will not send messages to your email, which is somewhat of a bummer.

Beside the contact structure, you additionally will browse 8 unique 'blocks' to embed on the point of arrival. These squares incorporate a picture merry go round, text block, web-based media catches (something the free form of Linktree doesn't have), and video blocks.

Something else I like about ContactInBio is that it doesn't stamp its own marking everywhere on your greeting page like Linktree does. ContactInBio's marking is covered at the lower part of the page and is dispensed with completely on the off chance that you move up to a 'Business' or 'Endeavor' plan.

Something other that may merit referencing is that ContactInBio produces a beautiful protracted custom URL for you, so it takes up somewhat more of your valuable bio character limit than Linktree does. All things considered, it's a little cost to pay, isn't that so?

  • Campsite

Campsite is another of my number one apparatuses like Linktree. As you can see from the picture, the point of arrival by and by looks pretty recognizable, however with a couple of more fancy odds and ends. The fundamental distinction is that the connections here have pictures as well.

This is a helpful component if visuals are essential to you. It merits referencing, however, that you can just utilize pictures from your Instagram feed on the free form of Campsite, which is tricky on the off chance that you need to interface out to something not in your posts.

Customization alternatives are additionally significantly more broad on Campsite. You can change social symbols, colors, and surprisingly the textual styles on your presentation page. In the event that marking is critical to you, this is a major in addition to.

Like with Linktree, the greeting page incorporates a space for your Instagram profile picture and name. You can likewise add your own short presentation under.

  • Swipop

Swipop is a connection in-profile device and a fundamental eCommerce store folded into one. Like most other Linktree choices, it permits you to make a presentation page loaded up with your own custom connections.

Notwithstanding, the primary advantage of Swipop is that it additionally incorporates with Stripe to permit you to sell your top notch content straightforwardly from a similar page. This makes it an extraordinary alternative for influencers searching for better approaches to adapt their records. You can sell things like admittance to VIP photographs, early access YouTube recordings, or PDF guides from your Swipop page.

It's additionally somewhat light on settings – there doesn't appear to be an alternative to add pictures to connections, and there are a couple of set shading subjects making it truly no frills with regards to customization.

  • About.Me

About.me has been around for some time and is most popular for its retargeting highlight which permits you to make abbreviated, identifiable, About.me joins and retarget any client that clicks these connections.

Like Linktree, it additionally permits you to make your own presentation page loaded up with joins and produces a About Me to that page to assist you with making the most out of your Instagram bio.

The point of arrival itself has a shaded foundation and is marked with your Instagram name at the top, yet does exclude space for a depiction. You can add social symbols that connect to your different stages just as some other connections you need to include.


LinkTree can be a great place to post all of your links, but again, it's also important to reiterate that it comes with risks. So, it is important to take your decision carefully after considering all of the alternatives available to you or platforms that are better than LinkTree, which is what this week's article was about.

I hope you – the dear reader of Kasu.io's blog for content creators and influencers, learnt a thing or two about the pros and cons of the LinkTree platform. Please keep checking this space for more exciting content. Until next time!