Ko-fi v/s Patreon. Which is better?

Patreon is a service that most Kasu readers needs no introduction. Ko-fi is a similar service, except that it has a tip-jar option. In this Kasu article, we will dive deep into both the services and their features, so you can decide which one to go for as a content creator...

Ko-fi v/s Patreon. Which is better?

Patreon is a service that most Kasu readers needs no introduction. Ko-fi is a similar service, except that it has a tip-jar option instead of monthly financial commitment, no matter how small.

In this Kasu article, we will dive deep into both the services as well as it’s features, so you can decide which one to go for as a content creator.

We will first start by describing both the services, followed by their features. We will leave it up to you at the end to make up your mind on which one (or both) of the services to use. Let’s get started…

What is Patreon?

Patreon claims to be a, “membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid.”

Patreon is a participation stage situated in the United States that gives business instruments to makers to run a membership content help. It permits makers and craftsmen to gain a month to month pay by giving elite rewards and advantages to their endorsers, or "supporters".

Patreon is utilized by YouTube videographers, webcomic specialists, scholars, podcasters, artists, grown-up content makers, and different classes of makers who post consistently on the web. It permits craftsmen to get subsidizing legitimately from their fans, or benefactors, on a common premise or per show-stopper. The organization, began by artist Jack Conte and designer Sam Yam in 2013, is situated in San Francisco.

Patreon charges a commission of 5 to 12% of makers' month to month salary, notwithstanding installment handling expenses. Enrollments are charged on the first of every month.

Patreon clients are gathered by content sort, for example, video/films, digital recording, satire, funnies, games, and training. These substance designers set up a page on the Patreon site, where benefactors can decide to pay a fixed add up to a designer on a month to month basis.[30] Alternatively, content designers can arrange their page with the goal that supporters pay each time the craftsman discharges another bit of workmanship. A maker normally shows an objective that the continuous income will go towards, and can set a greatest constraint of the amount they get every month. Benefactors can drop their installment whenever. Makers regularly give participation benefits (ordinarily as selective substance or in the background work) for their benefactors, contingent upon the sum that every supporter pays.

Benefactors can open fiscal levels that expansion the substance type they see from the client. Various substance makers on Patreon are likewise YouTubers. They can make content on numerous stages, and keeping in mind that the YouTube recordings might be accessible to the general population, the supporters get private substance made only for them in return for helping the Patreon client's objective. Patreon makes a 5% commission on promises. As of May 2017, the normal vow per benefactor was around $12, and another supporter promised to a maker each 5.5 seconds.

Patreon Homepage

What are the core features of Patreon?

Some of the core features of Patreon are:

Membership Tiers

Most Patreon makers have different levels that supporters can join, with every level relating to a specific fiscal sum. These levels are set by the makers, and can run somewhere in the range of $1 per month to $100 every month. The bigger a supporter's continuous commitment is, the more advantages they get. Probably the most elevated level prizes incorporate physical product, their name showed conspicuously in the video, and the capacity to speak with the producer straightforwardly.

A few levels may have a most extreme number of "openings" that can be filled. Makers utilize this to oversee compensations for higher levels, particularly if there are rewards that include making custom work for the most huge supporters.

On the other hand, some Patreon individuals don't utilize levels by any means. Rather, they give indistinguishable advantages to all supporters from part of a "pay-what-you-need" plot.

Patreon individuals normally show money related objectives on their page, with explicit targets comparing to exceptional substance or expanded posting recurrence. You can likewise perceive what number of individuals are at present supporting a maker.


The essential way that Patreon individuals speak with their supporters is by means of a feed on their page. Makers can post text, pictures, recordings, and surveys to their page, and can utilize it as an immediate line to their supporters. They can likewise close off specific presents on explicit levels. For instance, if $5 benefactors get early access to new recordings, posts with new recordings may be appeared to those contributing in any event $5.

For podcasters, Patreon has custom RSS channel support. At the point when a benefactor goes along with, they get a custom feed connect that they can add to their podcasting application of decision. This custom feed interface is extraordinarily made for the endorser, and the scenes that are in the feed might be diverse between various kinds of supporters.

Discord Integration

Patreon likewise has mix with the mainstream bunch visiting application Discord. A typical advantage of being a supporter is approaching a selective Discord server or channel where you can talk with the makers and with different fans.

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What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi describes itself as a platform that, “allows creators like one to receive money from fans of oner content. Create oner page and button and share it anywhere on the web. Anyone who clicks oner link can support one with a 'Ko-fi' (a small payment that is roughly equal to the price of a coffee). It's free to use. All one needs is a PayPal account to receive payments.”

Ko-fi Homepage

What are the core features of Ko-fi?

The vast majority have known about Patreon's membership model for makers. Supporters buy in, promising a month to month add up to get to elite substance. Loads of makers love Patreon, yet it isn't directly for everybody. The expanding charges and duty to distribute a huge amount of substance over various levels has made some search for a Patreon elective. Some of the core features of Ko-fi are listed below:

The Free Tip Jar Option

Ko-fi has a free help that works simply like a tip container. Makers direct fans to their page to leave a tip (generally the cost of an espresso) and message of help. Makers can post refreshes, share pictures in the Gallery and thank fans for their help. It's a basic, inviting and free approach to begin bringing in cash on the web.

In excess of 300,000 bloggers, specialists, podcasters, engineers, cosplayers and a wide range of makers have gotten more than $12m utilizing Ko-fi.

No Platform Fee

Ko-fi is by a wide margin the most financially savvy approach to begin causing a pay from aficionados of what you to do. Not at all like Patreon and different administrations, Ko-fi doesn't take a cut of your gifts and we don't charge supporters extra either. The main exchange expense is the thing that the installment processors charge.

Patreon and others charge makers a stage expense, regularly 5–12% of the assets got by the maker. They likewise need to charge supporters duties, for example, VAT for EU supporters (as a rule around 20%). Except if your inventive business is VAT enrolled you won't have to charge VAT on Ko-fi.

Immediate, Instant Payments

Since Ko-fi doesn't take a cut of the exchange, makers get paid quickly from their fans. Different stages like Patreon make makers hold up until the month's end or develop a base equalization before pulling back assets. With direct installments there are no expenses, no pausing and no hazard to your cash.


Not at all like Patreon, Ko-fi lets supporters Commission a maker to make something novel for them. Makers can show their bonuses status, make a menu with additional items and show accessible spaces. Installment is taken straightforwardly and forthright to secure the maker.

Catches and Widgets

Ko-fi lets you make catches to add to your site, tumblr or blog. You can customize the message and pick any shading. On the off chance that you use WordPress we have a module which makes it overly easy to include a custom Ko-fi catch to any Page, Post, Widget territory or Sidebar as well.

Objectives, Galleries and Posts

Make a financing Goal, fill your Gallery with your best work and compose Posts to refresh your fans. Sharing pictures and Posts legitimately from Ko-fi asks for help progressively regular and gives supporters motivation to hold coming back to your Page. You can even make a custom picture to show when you share your Page on social destinations.


It’s our hope at Kasu.io that we’ve given you enough in-depth description of both of these services. Ultimately, the choice depends on you—the readers and users of Kasu—as the which service or services you go for, as it mainly depends on the individual needs of the users.

Be sure to keep checking the Kasu blog space for more in-depth coverage of platforms like Patreon and Ko-fi.